Welcome to Army Merch Shop, your go-to destination for premium bedding solutions, proudly owned by Ecomies Co., Ltd. We specialize in offering high-quality bedding sets, quilts, and blankets to customers in Vietnam and the United States. Main based in the vibrant city of Hanoi, Vietnam, our store is dedicated to providing products that bring comfort and style to your home.

Founded in 2019, Army Merch Shop began as a humble vision to redefine the way people experience their bedrooms. Our founder, Nguyen Hoang Nam, a true connoisseur of comfort and design, embarked on a journey to curate a collection of bedding essentials that not only elevate your sleep but also enhance your home’s aesthetic.

We have one guiding principle: we value good business. What does “good” mean to us? Simply put, we think a business should provide a service that adds value to other peoples’ lives. We are dedicated to deliver our customers the kind of excellent shopping experience we would like to have.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision at Army Merch Shop is to become a household name in the bedding industry, recognized for our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. Our mission is to enhance the sleep experience of our customers by providing products that are meticulously crafted for comfort and longevity. We aim to continually evolve and adapt to the needs of our customers, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the bedding market.

Business Structure

Army Merch Shop operates under the ownership of Ecomies Co., Ltd., a company renowned for its dedication to excellence. Our operations are centralized in Hanoi, Vietnam, where our team oversees everything from product design and development to customer service and logistics. This centralized approach allows us to maintain stringent quality control and deliver exceptional products to our customers in both Vietnam and the United States efficiently.

Since 2021 we’ve sold thousands of quilts and bedding sets to so many amazing people who each have unique passions. From motorcycle riders and guitar players, to cat lovers and accountants who are proud of their job, we strive to make bedding that is a representation of our customers and the things they love.

Over the years, we’ve grown from a small, local shop into an online destination known for our commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. We take pride in being a family-owned and operated business, and our core values reflect our dedication to delivering the finest bedding products to our customers.

Instead of just pushing out designs and hoping people will like them, we let our customers in on the quilts, bedding idea process. If you have a great idea for a quilt, bedding (or pretty much anything else you love), let us know. We might just make it for you.

Thank you for choosing Army Merch Shop. We look forward to being your trusted partner in creating the bedroom of your dreams.

  • Army Merch Shop is owned by Ecomies Co., Ltd
  • Business Registration Number: 0109962206
  • Business Address: No. 243A De La Thanh Street, Lang Thuong, Dong Da, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
  • Email: info@armymerch.shop
  • Phone: +84 898 587 398

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