Mother’s Day Is All Over The World

“Mother’s Day” is defined as the 2nd Sunday of May. “Mother’s Day” is currently spreading to more than 65 countries around the world, an opportunity for children to express their good feelings to their beloved mothers.

Reminds me of a little history about Mother’s Day!

Perhaps few people know, since ancient times, humans have known how to show filial affection towards their parents. Festival of the goddess Cybele – mother of all gods was born in the ancient Greek period, or Matronialia Festival, honoring the goddess Juno, queen of the Roman gods, wife of Jupiter is also celebrated. Many people celebrated.

However, Mother’s Day was officially born with the names of two American women, Mrs. Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis and her daughter Anna Marie Jarvis.

In 1870, Julia Ward Howe’s The Mother’s Day Proclamation, one of the first calls to honor mothers in the United States, strongly influenced Ann. Maria Reeves Jarvis – a woman in the US State of West Virginia. Mrs. Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis founded a group called “Mother’s Day” with the desire to reconnect the family that had been separated by the civil war.

After her group was established, she wanted to organize an annual anniversary to remember the memories of mothers, but unfortunately, she passed away before making this wish come true. Her daughter – Anna Jarvis followed her mother’s idea. Finally, after many efforts, Anna Jarvis organized the first “Mother’s Day” celebration at Andrews Methodist Church in 1908 when she brought 500 carnations to give to each mother. attended mass at St. Andrew’s Church, where her mother used to teach in the past.

Along with Anna Jarvis’s own celebration, families gathered at many venues for the event in Jarvis’ hometown of Grafton, West Virginia, and many other cities.

On May 8, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson – USA signed a resolution designating the second Sunday of May as “Mother’s Day”, officially recognizing “Mother’s Day” as one of the holidays. important anniversary of the citizens of this country.

Mother’s Day in US

America is the first country to give birth to “Mother’s Day”. On this day, according to estimates by businesses, financial spending is only surpassed by the Christmas holiday. According to the American Retail Federation, on average each child will spend about 139 USD to buy gifts for their mother on this day. Usually the gifts Americans give their mothers are flowers, chocolate, candy, clothes, expensive jewelry, or trips to beauty and health care spas.

Mother’s Day in the UK

Mother’s day originated in England in the 17th century, called Mothering Sunday. The feast is held on Sunday 40 days before Easter. “Mother’s Day” in England falls on Sunday, so people often go to church to celebrate, then return to their homes. Family members, even if they are far away, will still try to gather in the parents’ house. They often hold a party with greeting cards, cakes, fruits, wine and gifts for mothers. Not as luxurious as America, on this day in England, wherever they are, their children will return to visit their families.

Mother’s Day in Japan

On “Mother’s Day”, Japanese people often choose gifts such as flowers, handmade cards, and traditional cakes with meaningful wishes for the birth mother. Even more sentimentally, in the country of cherry blossoms, children will gather with their mother, drink tea and review family memories. Children in this country will draw pictures for their mothers and compile those photos into a small exhibition on the theme of mother-child love and the silent sacrifices of Japanese mothers.

Mother’s Day in India

Just like in the West, India sees “Mother’s Day” as an occasion for them to reflect on the importance of mothers in their lives. Indians call Mother’s Day Durga Puja, in which “Durga” is the name of a goddess who protects Indians from all dangers in life. They celebrate “Mother’s Day” as a big festival in October, for ten days. At the same time, for real mothers in life, carrying a heavy child for 9 months and 10 days will also have their children show off their cooking skills in the kitchen and give gifts to their mothers.

Mother’s Day in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the introduction of Western cultural streams has also brought “Mother’s Day” into the country. Besides March 8 or October 20, Vu Lan Festival to show filial piety, Mother’s Day is also celebrated by everyone. On this day, children who are grateful to their mothers will give their mothers meaningful gifts, from material to spiritual. Although “Mother’s Day” in Vietnam does not have as long a history as in the US and UK, many people still send meaningful gifts to their mothers by hand. Young people are also eagerly preparing flower telegrams and self-made postcards to welcome the special day dedicated to mothers.

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